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Technical Expertise for Difficult Sites: 
Redevelopment Projects - Brownfield Land
Assessment of Waste Materials for Reuse and Disposal

BH203(TP) - abandoned and replaced by TP

Development of investigation strategies to investigate land:

  • Cost Effectively

  • With the client's objectives and regulatory compliance at the forefront

  • Residential sites, industrial development, schools, landfills

  • Complex site management including UXO presence, working around utilities, multi-level well installations, oil, fuel and asbestos investigation 

Waste Soil Management

  • Construction / Demolition Sites

  • Landfill sites and treatment facilities

  • Supervision of soil excavation / treatment and disposal

  • ​Soil waste hazard assessment, classification, segregation in accordance with Environment Agency and legal requirements

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Environmental Monitoring

  • Groundwater monitoring & sampling: low flow and other techniques

  • Ground gas monitoring

  • Aquifer property testing

  • Maintenance of long-term data sets 

  • Reporting e.g. Landfill Emissions Monitoring for Regulatory Compliance

Staying Up to Date with Regulatory and Best Practice Changes

  • Maintains Continued Professional Development through the Chartered Environmentalist Scheme

  • Invests in training in technical matters, site health and safety and first aid

  • On the journey towards sustainable operations

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Jeremy Head Environmental Consulting


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